About Us


Founded by two Midwest Radio Control enthusiasts who initially started selling online to help offset the cost of our Radio Control Gear addiction. With 50+ years of combined Radio Control experience between the two. The buildup of parts, tires, cars, trucks, planes, and copters over the years provided an opportunity to sell some items and clear some space. Which always makes the better-half happy!


After successfully starting to sell items online, it became clear there was a definite need for another option for hobbyists. Obviously, a more affordable, easier, and quicker way for RC enthusiasts to enjoy the hobby was needed. Committed to lowering the cost for all RC hobbyists, we then started looking for creative ways to acquire items at lower cost with fast shipping to provide great products and service for hobbyists everywhere.


Lower prices for enthusiasts required going outside the normal distribution channels of the normal Radio Control importers/distributors. With some work and time, we have found relationships with suppliers and manufacturers directly to provide products and value to the community. Sometimes buying in bulk and sometimes buying products with damaged or missing packaging. Other times buying out other dealers with an excess of products. We'll even buy from you if you've got the products desired!


Headed by two Radio Control enthusiasts with extensive experience in all forms of Radio Control. Experienced in everything from competitive/professional RC Racing to building and crashing cars, trucks, planes, drones, and helicopters. As a result, we have built a company who understands the hobby, knows the industry, and is striving to serve the community with value and insight.


Have some items sitting around that have accumulated over the years? Are you a manufacturer or dealer with 'dead inventory' you cannot sell? Are you a supplier looking for a new dealer?