RC Rock Crawlers – Batteries & Charging

RC Rock Crawlers Batteries & Charging – Radio Control Battery Chargers, Charge Leads, Adapters, Dischargers, Power Supplies and Accessories. From small and portable to large and powerful we have a wide range of products for keeping your RC batteries charged and ready for action.

Available in a variety of capacities and sizes, and versions including Nickel Metal NiMH, Lithium Polymer Lipo, and Graphene. Accessories available include wire, connectors, adapters, testers, checkers, building, and more. Lithium Polymer (Lipo) or as many call them Lithium-Ion Polymer batteries are the preferred power sources for most electric RC models. They offer high discharge rates and a high energy storage/weight ratio. We stock a large range and the highest quality Lipo (Li-Poly) and NiMH batteries, varying in capacities and voltage.

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