AKA Racing EVO 1/8th Buggy Wheel Stiffeners (4) – Yellow

This is a set of (4) AKA EVO 1/8th Off Road Buggy Wheel Stiffeners (4) – (Yellow) – NEW IN OPEN PACKAGE


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This is a set of (4) AKA EVO 1/8th Off Road Buggy Wheel Stiffeners (4) – (Yellow) – NEW IN OPEN PACKAGE

The EVO wheel stiffener is specifically designed to work with the AKA EVO buggy wheel. Designed with two purposes in mind the stiffener not only works to stiffen the already stiff EVO wheel it also serves to block dust and dirt from building up inside the wheel and making the wheel go out of balance.

The first and most important purpose for these is to further stiffen the wheel and especially help the inner most bead of the wheel hold it’s shape. The second purpose of this dish is to block dirt from being trapped within the inner ribbing of the wheel and throwing the wheel out of balance. These design innovations provide a stiffer wheel, without going to stiffer and therefore more brittle plastic or increasing wall thickness which gives up clearance and adds weight at the outer edge of the wheel.

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Dimensions 13 × 11 × 1 in


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