When You Just Want To Wheelie – Tamiya WR-02 RC Series

Sometimes you just want to wheelie! Ripping wheelies up and down the streets can be endless fun for some RC hobbyists. Tamiya knows the excitement a wheelie machine can deliver so they manufacture a number of RC vehicles that can put the front wheels up in the air. One of their popular chassis’ that can wheelie is the WR-02 and this is available with a number of unusual body styles and they’re… a bit different from the norm. Perhaps they are more about fun and that’s what we want to show you, the fun that this series of vehicle can deliver in both the model building department and the driving department. Are you into wheelies, flips, crashes and of course laughs, ready on, the Tamiya WR-02 RC Series is about to bump up the excitement!


KIT– Building a kit is a great way to experience the complete RC hobby and the one company that still offers plenty is Tamiya. Tamiya has many kits based on the WR-02G chassis and it’s available with a variety of body styles. If you’ve been looking for a simple fun kit to build that will be pure fun to drive, the WR-02G may be your perfect kit. Simple frame, easy to build suspension, rugged gearbox and spiked tires to help the truck grab traction for some wheelie fun. And yes that wheelie bar on the back sees a lot of use. This chassis is great for any RC enthusiast from beginner to even the experienced. All you need to complete the kit is some basic electronics, a few tools you probably have around the house and a space to go unleash some wheel spinning action.

RTR (Ready To Run)– Not into the whole kit building or just want something to have fun with immediately? Tamiya has you covered there too with RTR versions of the WR-02. A selection of the WR-02 kits come completely assembled with radio gear installed. We’ve reviewed a ready to run WR-02 in the past and can attest to the excellent quality of the assembly. Installed in the chassis is a standard torque servo and receiver that matches up to the Finespec 2.4GHz R/C radio system, The ESC used is Tamiya’s TEU-105BK ESC that power the silver can 540-size motor. The only items you’ll need to supply for one of Tamiya’s RTR are the AA Batteries for the radio, a 7.2V NiMh or 7.4V LiPo battery and an appropriate charger for your selected battery.


Tamiya WR-02 RC Series FEATURES

CHASSIS- The plastic chassis on the WR02 may look complicated, but it really isn’t, so beginners shouldn’t worry about assembly or maintenance on this machine. It’s essentially two sandwiched sections that are bolted together. The side rails are really just there to stiffen the whole frame design and offer protection for the internal components. The battery compartment is up high and in the rear, so the front wheels spend more time on the ground than they do off of it.

SUSPENSION- The suspension on the WR02 is a fully independent, wishbone style. The friction dampers are equipped with rubber damping tubes on the inside of the bodies as well as on the outer part of the shafts themselves. The multi-piece suspension arms are rather short and work perfectly with the outer hubs and knuckles for proper movement for this machines intended use. The hinge points are made up of a series of screw pins and hinge pins for smooth suspension movement. Since the parts that make up the suspension are shared with other Tamiya vehicle, finding a part shouldn’t be an issue if the need arises.

ELECTRONICS- As with most Tamiya kits, this one includes a silver can 540 motor with the pefect power for beginners or fun seekers. The ESC provided with this kit is the TBLE-02 which is capable of running the Tamiya sensored brushless motors or any brushed motor over 25 turns. Yes, you heard that right, these inexpensive kits include a sensored, brushless capable ESC!

DRIVETRAIN- The mid-mounted motor allows for the use of a four-gear transmission. This equates to a smoother power delivery and some pretty good balance when not in the wheelie stance. When it is in a wheelie stance, there is a wheelie bar out back to help control the wild ride and keep you off of your roof. The outdrives and dogbones are steel construction which will last long and hold up to some upgraded power.

BODY- Tamiya offers a number of wild bodies for the WR-02. These neat, unique bodies are the best parts about this kit for sure. Keeping with Tamiya tradition, each kit also includes a wild driver to set off the well formed and detailed Lexan body. If you’re grabbing a kit, take your time applying the decals and painting up the driver bust as a little patience pays big dividends in the looks department after the fact. One of our quirky unique favorites is the Tamiya Tumbling Bull WR-02G. The machine is a build up kit with a farm tractor body that can deliver wheelies all day long in the street or in a field. The Tumbling Bull was designed purely for fun so don’t expect dialed in handling, just expect lots of wheelies, bouncing and dirt roosting donuts. Take a look below and see what is your favorite Tamiya WR-02 RC Series fun machine is of find them HERE on Tamiya USA’s website.


For those who want to take their WR-02 to a customized level, you’re in luck. Tamiya support this chassis with a bunch of great option goodies designed and produced by Tamiya to meet their specifications. Oil filled shocks, ball bearings, aluminum suspension components; there is a full array of aftermarket gear to hop up your WR-02 as you see fit. See all of the available options HERE.


LENGTH: 12.3 in. (318mm)
WIDTH: 7.9 in. (200mm)
WHEELBASE: 7.3 in. (185mm)
WEIGHT: Varies

BODY: Hard-shell resin
WHEELS: Plastic
WHEEL ADAPTER TYPE: 12mm rear, pin-drive front
TIRES: Treaded tires
SUSPENSION TYPE: 4-wheel independent
SHOCK POSITIONS: (F) 1-tower, 1-arm, (R) 1-tower, 1-arm
CAMBER: Fixed ROLL: Fixed
RIDE HEIGHT: Pre-load collars on the shocks

TYPE: Direct to servo links
TOE: Threaded rod

TYPE: Sandwich frame with side rails

TRANSMISSION: Single speed
GEAR RATIO: Optional pinion gears
BEARINGS: Plastic bushings

Tamiya WR-02 RC Series WRAP-UP

Do these look like fun or what! All of these RC machines are based on the Tamiya WR-02 chassis which is known for delivering lots of wheelie time and will certainly grab attention from onlookers. Getting into RC with such a fun machine whether it is a kit or ready to run will help launch your RC adventure with plenty of action that will certainly get you hooked on the sport. The WR-02 is well designed to handle some rough driving too, so young drivers with a full throttle mentality shouldn’t wreek too much havoc on these machines. We’re certainly fans of the WR-02 here at RC Driver and many of our staff have a WR-02 of their own. If they’re good enough for the pros to have fun with, you know the Tamiya WR-02 RC Series will deliver the RC excitment you’re looking for!

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